Your Vote Matters 

If you want to see change in our government you have to at least get out and vote! In 2010 there were several close races in Massachusetts including the race for selectman in our own town. If only one more Republican would have gone to the polls we would have avoided an expensive run off election.

If Republicans had voted at the same level in 2012 as they did in 2008 we would have a president that would be working full time to turn the economy around and creating jobs instead of someone that seemed more interested in carrying on a never ending campaign, dividing the country, and golfing with Tiger Woods. In 2016 President Trump beat Hillary Clinton only because citizens got out and voted in states that Hillary assumed she would win.

I’ll never forget the first time I voted. I was a young PFC attending the Fleet Marine Force Troops Communication School at Camp Lejune in Jacksonville, NC in 1969. My dad arranged to send me an absentee ballot and I had to go into the commanding officer of the school’s office to have him sign my ballot to show that I voted. 
I knew that there was a long line of Marines going back to 1775 that had fought on foreign shores, that had been wounded or even paid the ultimate price so I could vote that day. I remember how proud I was and how even my Captain seemed proud of me. Here it is nearly 50 years later and Marines are still fighting, getting wounded, and dying to protect our country and our right to vote on election day.

If you don’t vote then you really have no right to complain about pot holes in the road, bad schools, high taxes, etc. so please vote. If you need a ride to the polls please call. If you are sick or will be out of town,get an absentee ballot, but please vote. 

by D. John McCarthy, Trearuer, WRTC

You can register to vote, find out what precinct you live in, or get an absentee ballet at the town clerk’s office.

For more information:

Call: 413-596-2809

Address: Wilbraham Town Hall, 
240 Springfield St., 
Wilbraham MA 01095